Something is Missing, and Removable Wallpaper

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Hello week 13 of the home renovation.  I can’t believe it’s been 3 months! Holy moly! The great news is that we are getting super close to being finished. The last major things that need to be done: installing the flooring to the entire downstairs and painting the downstairs. Both, fairly time consuming projects, but the last ones!!!!!

About 4 weeks ago:

When we moved in:


I have been very pleased about how the bathrooms have come out except for one……the one we call Nana’s bathroom. It has white walls, white quartz countertop, white cabinets, brass pulls, black and glass sconces, and black, hexagon tile on the floor. I asked my friend Laura for her opinion, and I think she explained it perfectly saying that there are so many different shades of white, that it does look a bit peculiar. She recommended: wallpaper behind the mirror, changing the mirror to a large, round mirror to fill out the space better, and changing the sink faucet to a black one. For now, I am going to start saving to buy wallpaper and a round mirror, and I will change out the faucet later on, when everything settles!

Here are my top contenders for wallpaper, most of these are removable. I want to be able to easily replace the wallpaper without great difficulty and repairs. Check out my pinterest for more options 😉

Wallpaper #1

Wallpaper #2

Wallpaper #3

Wallpaper #4

Wallpaper #5

Wallpaper #6

Wallpaper #7

Here are a few of the mirrors we are considering…..when they go on sale 😉

Mirror #1

Mirror #2

Mirror #3

That’s it for now! I’ll post more updates as it moves along! Thanks for stopping by!

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