What We Are Reading Lately

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My kids love to read, and we are always excited about finding good, fun, new books. Our favorite place to shop is the “Friends of the Library” bookstores; I love being able to buy a book for each kid for $1 total, Dave Ramsey would be so proudl!! Over the holidays, we have discovered quite a few wonderful books that the kids are stoked about.

1. On The Construction Site: Both of my kids love this book, but Owen really LOVES this book. So much, in fact, that I know the book by heart. If your little one loves construction and all things with wheels, I would definitely by this book. Part of the fun of this book, is that the pages are translucent, so if you are reading with low light, and have a flashlight, your kid can illuminate the contents of the next page! So cool!

2. Maple: A lovely book about a little girl, and her journey on becoming a big sister. I may or may not cry almost every time I read this book to the kids. I can’t help it.

3. The Dot: An inspiring book about encouragement and persistence. Vashti thinks that she isn’t an artist, until her teacher empowers her by affirming her first art project, and the rest is history. Vashti then turns around, and encourages a student that admires her artwork.

4. The book With No Pictures: Definitely a favorite in this house. Both of my kids have been requesting this book by name. It’s great because it makes us, the parents or readers of the book, say ridiculous things, and the kids LOVE it!!!!!

5. Ada Twist, Scientist: This book is about a young girl that engages everyone around her in her curiosity and her inquisitiveness. I like that this book affirms kids that it’s ok to ask questions, and explore the world around them.

Those are the top hits at the moment. I’m sure more will be coming to mind soon. I’m currently going to delve into “How To Talk So Little Kids Listen,” because my friend Jess suggested it, and I can use all the help I can get 😉

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