Easy DIY Beach Birthday Party Decor

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This beach party that I helped put together a few years ago seemed magical. It was a birthday party for my dear friend, Kristen.

Kristen had seen a picture online of an amazing dinner at the beach. The picture had a low table, pillow floor seats and beautiful decor. Several of us worked together to make this happen. The table was made by her husband which consisted of two 4 x 8 sheets of plywood that was cut to make it easier for transport and drilled together at the beach. He stacked the plywood on top of 3 stacks of cinder blocks (2 each stack,) one on each end, and one in the middle. Kari was in charge of decor which included beautiful white table cloths, towels and pillows to sit on, candle holders, and place settings. Kari made a banner of torn extra fabric and strung it on the bamboo. Another friend strung lights in the same bamboo that was right beside our table. Myself, and another friend were in charge of food, I made a tortellini bake in the dutch oven. It was so much fun! We had at least 6 people stop us and ask what we were doing. It was such a special night.








Parties that take place outside can be beautiful and inspiring. I’m feeling like it’s time to do another one soon!  Once it warms up, hoping to bust out the dutch oven again and make some new recipes.

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