5 Most Important Bathroom Remodel Tips & Master Bathroom Sources

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After remodeling 3.5 bathrooms, we have learned a few things about the bathroom remodel process, hope you enjoy!

1. Budget appropriately: The first thing I would ask yourself is how much are you willing to spend on this remodel? I would also consider leaving at least 5-10% of your total budget dedicated to unforeseen expenses. Unforeseen expenses tend to happen, alot, especially in the construction/remodel world. Keep in mind that remodel supplies can vary greatly in cost. You can buy mirrors anywhere from $50 + all the way to $300+. Tile can also be either very inexpensive, a la Floor & Decor, or hundreds of dollars + shipping if you are thinking about ordering any cement tile online. My Husband and I used YNAB to help keep track of our finances. We also use it for our regular budget, and we are HUGE fans of all the features!

2. Do your research ahead of time!!! I can’t tell you how stressful it can be to live through a remodel of any sort, especially if you are making decisions on the fly, under a time crunch. Here are a few things to start considering now: What kind of paint and what color will you be using? Will you be adding recessed lighting? What about sconces? (I found that the ones I really liked were far more expensive then what I wanted to pay.) What kind of countertop do you want for your vanity and what color? We ended up going with White Quartz, and we LOVE it!!! Are you doing to be changing major plumbing? If so, budget and plan accordingly. Lots of plumbing changes usually equal lots of money. Will you be adding, or subtracting, a tub or shower? What kind of fixtures would you like? What kind of finish do you want those fixtures to have? Are you going to be hiring a cabinet guy, or will you purchase a ready-made vanity (this one is fairly reasonable)? What kind of pulls do you want on your vanity? What kind of tile and grout will you be using for the floor and shower? Don’t forget your other bathroom items: Mirrors, trashcans, rugs, and soap dispensers.

3. Go big on the things that matter to you! For us, this meant going big on our bathroom fixtures (I love our faucet and shower heads), and our vanity mirrors and sconces. I felt like the mirror and sconces make a big statement when you first walk into the room, so I spent more there, and saved money on our tile choices. If something else really matters to you, like designing your own vanity, I say do it!!! You don’t want to look back and feel that you skimped on what mattered the most to you.

4. Don’t skimp on lighting. This comes two fold: natural and room light. If you have the ability to opt for more natural light with a bigger window, or a window in general, do it! There is nothing that can make a bathroom look more beautiful then natural light coming through. This, however wasn’t an option for our kids bathroom, because it’s in the middle of the house, so we made do with what we have. When it comes to room light be sure that everything is lit appropriately. Vanity lighting should be at the top of your list since this is where you will most likely get dressed and ready every morning. I love having sconces and recessed lighting, the sconces provide for both decoration and functionality.

5. Make a plan for storage. What I love about this is that you can be very creative! We decided to add more storage by purchasing recessed medicine cabinets. They provide both form, and function. These particular ones happen to have lots of storage in them! If you don’t have room for recessed medicine cabinets, or want other ones, perhaps adding shelves to the bathroom, or baskets for storage? Also, the vanity can be a major source for storage! We were able to design our own, and we made it so that towels, Bathroom supplies, and cleaning supplies all fit inside our vanities. Whatever you do, make sure you have a plan that you love both aesthetically, and functionally.

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11 comments on “5 Most Important Bathroom Remodel Tips & Master Bathroom Sources

  1. Great tips! One of these days we will get to remodeling my bathroom. There is no natural light in the bathroom so we definitely have to pay close attention to good lighting. I have been pinning a lot of ideas over the years. Ha!

  2. My bathroom is rather outdated, so I’ve been wanting to remodel it into something more modern. It was quite helpful over time when you mentioned that lighting in a bathroom is important, so it’s okay to put in a bigger window if you need. I’ll share this article with my family, so we can decide what kind of bathroom we want to remodel our current bathroom into.

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