Friday Favorites

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Hello! Happy Friday!!! I’m going to try my hardest to regularly post my favorite things from the week on Friday. From great articles, to podcasts, to new instagram accounts to follow, to products that I love, this will be where all the great things from the week culminate!!!

1. Favorite Instagram account of the week: I love her home, and her style. She has a beachy/eclectic/global vibe. From short boards in her kitchen, to her dark kitchen cabinets, she has beautiful style!!!!

2. Favorite thing I’ve purchased for myself this week: This amazing backpack from target………..for only $32.99 . It’s super cute, and very affordable. I have gotten many comments on it in the few days that I’ve had it. It also has a great amount of space; and I love that I can use it as a handbag or a purse!

3.  Favorite podcast I’ve listened to: How to Raise Happy, Confident, Resilient Kids, with Sue Atkins. Recommended by my friend Jess, this podcast provides lots of insight, advice, and tips to helping your children navigate through making decisions for themselves. I listened to it while I cleaned up the house, and it was very inspiring!

4. Favorite product I’m eyeing this week: This moroccan cross rug by Anthropologie. I’m thinking about replacing the current all-black rug in the entry with this black and white rug to give it a little more personality. I’m currently waiting for it to go on sale, fingers crossed that a good deal will come soon.

5. Favorite Quote of the week: I heard this at MOPS the other day, and I absolutely love it. It’s true on many levels, and it seems that the grudge you hold will only imprison yourself. Instead, let go, forgive, and unbound yourself.


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