Friday Favorites

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I can’t believe it’s Friday already! Does anyone else feel like this week zoomed by? Holy smokes! To say that this week was eventful would be an understatement! From a trip to the OBGYN (everyone’s favorite), to my son knocking his teeth loose for the 4,938,814th time…’s been craaaaaaaaazy

1. Favorite Instagram post: I am feeling the exterior of the house below by @braeraedin . It’s stunning! I love the way the vertical detail, and the wood columns! I’m also a sucker for white, wood, and black exteriors 😉

2. Favorite home item: This Beautiful Bath Mat! And the best thing is that it’s $19.95!!! My plan is to buy it this week for the master bathroom downstairs. It’s got the perfect trifecta: form, function, and finance (the perfect price) 😉

3. Favorite Little Girl’s Bathing Suit: It’s so darling! The moment I saw it, I knew I must have it for my little mama! It’s so cute on her, and I have a deep desire that they would make a size for grown-ups so we can go to the beach and be twins. I just found out that this bathing suit is SOLD OUT! So I found a less expensive, look-alike bathing suit 😉 Andale!!!!!!!

4. Favorite book: How to Talk so Little Kids Will Listen.  While waiting two hours of my life at the OBGYN’s office for my appointment, I was able to read a good amount of this book. It feels like a game changer. It’s only been a few days that I have been implementing the strategies and tools, and I notice a difference in the way my children respond to me. There is nothing more frustrating then feeling like you are talking to rocks instead of your children. What this book highlights is the importance of making your child feel validated in their feelings, before you move on to any other step. I would highly recommend it to anyone with children the ages of 2-7.

5. Favorite podcast: Goal Digger, by Jenna Kutcher “Viral”.   Ever since my friend Jess introduced me to Jenna’s podcast a few days ago, I just can’t stop listening to her! I had a hard time deciding on which podcast to choose, but this one takes the cake. Listening to Jenna read all the criticisms and judgments that people said about her and the difference between her body shape vs. her husband’s body shape, is heartbreaking. Jenna handled going viral, and all the critics so gracefully, a testament of her wonderful character. I already feel like she is my best friend…..except that we have never actually met. But I kind of have a feeling she would love me as much as I love her 😉 #besties



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