Old Christmas Cards-What to do with them?

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I love getting Christmas cards in the mail! Anyone else? It’s fun to see what’s new with everyone, and how big all the kids are getting. It’s also fun to get the occasional double Christmas card from the same family 😉 I’ve done that before! The question at the end of the season is “what to do with old Christmas cards?”

It seems like such a waste to throw away these beautiful family photos that someone took the time to send. Here enters the super simple family prayer/contact ring!

The way that it works is that each day we encounter a new card, we talk about the family, and pray about that family. This year I’m also going to try to text, call, or write a letter to each family. I know those are pretty high hopes, but if I can even get a text out I will feel like I’m winning!

This has become one of our holiday family traditions, as well as this easy Christmas morning cinnamon roll casserole. I’ve also been enjoying plotting some new Traditions for next year, including a giving advent calendar, and a totally new way of wrapping gifts.

All you need are a few supplies:

ALLLLLLLLLL the old Christmas cards

Your Christmas play list

One-hole punch

Book Ring (I buy mine depending on how many I have. I typically use 1.5 or 2 inches, but you can also use a .5 or 1 inch book ring as well.

Some delightful little snacks and/or a beverage (although it only takes 5-10 minutes…..I like to have something fun on standby)

I organize all of the old Christmas cards so that they all read and face the same way, making it easy to read as you go along. I hole-punch them. I add them to the book ring, then voila! I do a little dance, and I’m done!

What do you do with your old Christmas cards?

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