Best Minimal Command Center and Wall Calendar

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If you are a planner like me, you know how important it is to have a calendar.  Having a life, family, and friends, make it imperative that we have one collective space where we can keep track of all of our events! I have been looking for the perfect family command center solution for a long time.

Minimal Family Command Center Wall Calendar

The problem I have with most family command centers, or wall calendars, is that they can be a little bulky, and not aesthetically pleasing.  My goal was to find a calendar that matched the decor in my home: simple, and minimal, with a touch of color.

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Minimal Family Command Center Wall Calendar
“Quick honey, get a picture of me looking handy!”

Family Command Center Solution

Family Command Center Wall Calendar

After searching for a few months, I finally found the right one.  I knew, from the moment I laid eyes on her, that she would fit right into our home.  We sized up, and ordered the 28 x 31 size because I knew it would fit perfectly along our wall that backs  up to our fridge.  I also paid a little extra to have Celeste arrange my menu plan exactly how I wanted it: with breakfast, lunch, and dinner slots with the days of the week.  We usually only eat out once a week, as I enjoy cooking, and it’s budget-friendly for our family.  It has been wonderful to have a space where we can write down anything we need from the store, or things we need to do, under the “reminders” category.

Was it more then I would have liked to pay? Sure, but I realized that the value it will provide to my whole family is well worth the price I paid.  I also realized that I looked for months with nothing that sparked my interest!  The assurance that I feel knowing that my husband knows when I work, and when I’m going for a run, is wonderful! I know he also loves that he can jot down when the waves will be good, and when he will go for a surf! Ha!

Minimal Family Command Center Wall Calendar

Included was a large paper template that walked you through the steps of hanging the calendar.  It was not difficult for my husband to figure it out, and it was up in about 10-15 minutes!

The Importance of the Family Command Center

Ever since I started to be more intentional about our marriage and family life; I feel that being on the same page with your spouse/partner is incredibly important.  As the Hollis Family said in the “Rise Together” podcast: it’s less likely that you will get in an argument, or become emotional if there are no surprises in the calendar/schedule.  I know this is common sense, but it sounded so profound!

Minimal Family Command Center Wall Calendar

My husband and I already had a synced google calendar, but there is nothing like have a big, fat visual for all to see in the home.  We are now taking it a step further and doing a “schedule” meeting on Sundays to go over the week ahead: what is already on the calendar, and what we would like to do!

Do you have any family tips for how you do your scheduling? Or any family rules? IE, one family rest day? Would love to hear them below 😉

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Family Wall Calendar

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