19 DIY & Free Mother’s Day Gifts

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Free Mother's Day Gifts

As a mother of two kids, it is fun to be celebrated for Mother’s Day! It can be equally as hard to find a great gift for a mother in your life! I have compiled a list of DIY Mother’s day gifts, and free mother’s day gifts that you can put together last-minute. Some of the most meaningful gifts, are ones that are free, and don’t cost anything.

Let’s be real, I would love to be celebrated every day. Like coffee with breakfast in bed, maybe even some doves or butterflies that come out for a surprise entrance at some point. But alas, this is quite unrealistic.

Not sure what we will be doing this year to celebrate Mother’s Day, but I know it will involve lots of coffee, chocolate, some alone time for me, and some quality time as a family! I hope you enjoy my list of free, and inexpensive gifts for moms!

Free Mother’s Day Gifts :

  1. The gift of a meal: Allow mom to take it easy while you cook up something delicious for the family. Try making this delicious & easy french toast casserole for brunch, this cake, or these easy crispy potatoes. I’m sure she wouldn’t mind having breakfast, lunch, and dinner taken off her hands.
  2. Do all of her chores for her: Let mom take a day off of her usual household contributions: sweeping, laundry, vacuuming. Instead, roll up your sleeves and get it done for her.
  3. Handwritten notes from each family member about what they appreciate and love about mom.
  4. Wash her car. Maybe even vacuum the inside, it feels soooooooo nice to have a clean car!
  5. Turn her old film photos into digital ones. This one can take some time to do. Perhaps start with the most important photos, and make a plan to do more throughout the year. You can use a scanner to digitize the photos, and if you don’t have one try using google photoscan.
  6. Give her some free time: Allow her to take some time to do whatever she wants.
  7. Ask her if you could join her in her favorite activity: Does she like to run? Does she like to hike, surf, go for walks, paint? Whatever it may be, join her!
  8. A family performance: whether it’s singing her a song, or acting out a special skit for her, this can be fun for her, and the talents involved.
  9. Put together a slide show (on your computer, your phone, or a DVD) of your favorite memories together. This this free app, or this one.

DIY Mother’s Day Present:

Free Mother's Day Gift Ideas

10. A photo album. This can be incredibly easy to do, from printing out a bunch of pictures and putting them into a photo album, to making one electronically. My favorite brands for photo albums are Chatbooks, Shutterfly, Artifact Uprising,

11. A video interview with the children about mom. Here are some fun questions to ask.

12. Picnic with the family

13. A basket full of her favorite snacks, books or magazines she can read (the friend’s of the library is a great resource for inexpensive books), and her favorite drink: wine/coffee/tea/hot chocolate

14. A framed photo of a memory with mom. Ikea has some great, inexpensive ones, as well as target and walmart

15. Shadowbox with sentimental items

Inexpensive gifts for Mother’s Day

19 Free Mother's Day Gifts

16. A magazine subscription. Some popular ones are: HGTV, Sunset Magazine, The Food Network, Real Simple, Domino Magazine, and Magnolia Journal.

17. Mini Hand Cream for her purse.

18. Organic Lip Balm.

19. A cute Mug that actually keeps her coffee hot!

I will be doing a part 2 to this post with favorite gifts for Mother’s Day for all different budgets. What will you be doing this Mother’s Day? Thanks for stopping by!

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