Tailwind Review & Tutorial: How to get your Content Seen

Tailwind Review

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With the help of the app Tailwind, Pinterest traffic to my blog increased 688%  after the first 4 months I signed up, and more than doubled 1,651% the first 9 months of using Tailwind!!

Tailwind….how do I love thee? Tailwind has saved me countless HOURS of precious time that I can be spending with my husband, children, or creating content for my growing blog.  I will cover just about everything you need to know about this time-saving app by the end of this “Tailwind review” article. 

Before we dig in, I need to establish that time is our most precious resource.  I’m very passionate about the idea of financial freedom because it gives you ownership of your time, and flexibility because you are your own boss and can set your own parameters. 

If you notice something isn’t covered in this Tailwind review, and you have other questions about it, shoot me a comment or email, and I will be sure to add it to this post.

What is tailwind and why you need it?

Tailwind defines their service as “Your end-to-end solution for winning on Pinterest and Instagram.  Discover content, schedule posts, monitor conversations, amplify reach, and analyze results. All with one tool.”

Wow!  That’s quite a promise for one application.  

I first heard about tailwind through the many different blogging groups that I belong to, who raved about how much they love it.  Business owners and bloggers alike, love tailwind for the following reasons:

*You can schedule your Instagram AND Pinterest posts for weeks ahead of time.

*You can stagger Instagram posts, and Pinterest posts to your desired time frame between posts so that you aren’t bombarding your audience.

*Tailwind Tribes help to quickly proliferate your content/pins, reach a greater audience, and get more eyes on your products, services, or website.

*With the help of the Tailwind analytics, you can see which pins perform well, and use this data to create content that your audience will find useful.

*You can discover new content, and inspiration for pin graphics.

*You have the option to try it for free, according to Tailwind: “schedule and publish up to 100 Pinterest Pins and/or 30 Instagram Posts before you need to decide if you want to pay for the Plus plan.”  

If you are like me, and love time management, and resources that increase the traffic flow to your business/blog, then Tailwind will help you achieve your goals. This Tailwind review will also be covering some Tailwind strategies, how to use Tailwind Tribes, how to use the insights, and how to automate by using SmartLoop.

Tailwind for Pinterest

Tailwind Tribes

Now that you know what Tailwind is, let’s talk about how it can positively affect your business.  I’m going to use my blog as an example:

*I started using Tailwind for Pinterest in September 2018.

Tailwind Review
My Pinterest Traffic before I started Tailwind

*4 months later, In January 2019, my blog traffic from Pinterest increased by 688%

Tailwind Review
January traffic from Pinterest, 4 months after I started using Tailwind

*In June 2019, my blog traffic from Pinterest increased by 1651% !!!!!!! Something to note about this time:

Tailwind Review
June 2019 traffic from Pinterest, a total increase of 1651% since starting Tailwind!!

After I paid for my Tailwind account, I was only spending 3-5 hours a month on my Pinterest strategy and my traffic increased by 1651%!!! This allowed me to spend more time to learn SEO strategies, how to create epic content, and to draw more eyes on my blog!!!

These are my personal results, but Tailwind also publishes the Typical Results of Tailwind Members every year, so you can see exactly what the average growth rate looks like for their members. They publish expected growth rates for both Pinterest and Instagram users.

Tailwind Review

Tailwind is an official Pinterest marketing developer partner.  What does this mean? This means that:

* Tailwind works directly with Pinterest, which allows them to streamline solutions to issues if you encounter any.

*Tailwind has access to analytics that is only offered to partners.  These analytics can be used as tools in your business, and give you clear insights such as the optimal times to share pins.

The Tailwind Chrome (and Firefox)  Extensions are part of my day-to-day Tailwind use, it’s incredibly convenient, and a wonderful resource to download for free when you are getting started.

*Tailwind for Pinterest keeps all of your private information safe by hosting them on Pinterest’s servers.

*Tailwind’s partnership status with Pinterest means that they are compliant with the rules and regulations of Pinterest.  This means that you won’t suddenly realize that your pins have been deleted or your account flagged or suspended. People that were using Boardbooster recently had a big fiasco with this issue. 

Tailwind for Instagram

Looking to grow your Instagram reach through Pinterest? Tailwind makes it incredibly easy to schedule and repin content.

Tailwind for Instagram

Using Tailwind for Instagram was exceptionally appealing to me because I have always had a bigger reach on my Pinterest account, than my Instagram account.  As I write this article, I am seeing the results of my hard work and enthusiasm resulting in 454,400 monthly viewers to my Pinterest account, and 7,468 followers on my Instagram account.

My favorite thing about using Tailwind for Instagram is how easy it is to pin Instagram content. 

*Under menu items, click on publisher, on the left side of your screen.

Tailwind Review

*Under Publisher, click on “Pin from Instagram”

Tailwind Review

Hover over, and select the “schedule” button on your chosen pin (top left portion of picture), and this is what you will see:

Tailwind Review

If you have a specific time you want the pin to be scheduled, click on the calendar icon to the left of the description, and you can choose what day, and time you would like to schedule your pin.

Tailwind Review

You will see that your options are to Save as Draft or you can Schedule this post. If you save the pin as a draft, it will be in a holding area, under “drafts” located directly under “Publisher” on the left side of your screen. There are some days when I will save a bunch of pins as drafts, and batch work posting them to tribes, and boards at a later time. If you click on “Schedule” it will automatically be added to the end of your existing Tailwind queue unless you schedule it on this screen with the calendar icon. You can easily change the order the pin is released if you want it scheduled at a different time by dragging and dropping it on your “scheduled pins” screen.

Another way to use Tailwind to schedule an Instagram post, is to go to Instagram.com and save your desired post; start by hovering over and selecting “Schedule.”

Tailwind Review

Although your pin will automatically be added to the end of your existing Tailwind queue, you can still choose to add it to multiple boards, and use the “time interval” feature to space out the pins. The “time interval” allows you to space out the pin if you are saving it to multiple boards, to avoid bombarding your Pinterest followers. You can set the time interval from 10 minutes to 90 days.

Tailwind Review

You can also choose “save for later” (top right of the screen right next to “schedule now”) when scheduling a pin. This will save your pin as a draft.

Tailwind Chrome Extension

Before we go over “How to use Tailwind”, I highly recommend downloading the Tailwind Chrome Extension to your web browser.  They also have a Tailwind Firefox Extension if that’s your preferred internet browser. On the Firefox Extension, it looks like a blue flame in my toolbar:

Tailwind Review

You will have convenient capabilities to perform the following; by installing the Extension (According to the Chrome, google web store) :

*Quickly schedule content on a website with one click, and schedule that content as much as you like, and to as many boards as you like.

*Conveniently schedule any content as you discover it by hovering over the “schedule” button.

* “Repin or Regram in bulk from anywhere on the web, even from Pinterest and Instagram!”

*Set time intervals for repinning a pin to several different Pinterest boards, so you don’t overwhelm your followers.

How to use Tailwind

“Ugh, just another app that i have to learn how to use?” While this may be a thought that comes to your mind, know that Tailwind is easy to use, and straightforward.  Throughout my journey with Tailwind, if there was anything I couldn’t figure out, Tailwind had a resource for it, or answered my questions quickly through their customer service.

Smart Scheduler

You have control over how many times a day you want Tailwind to publish your pins, on any given day.  For example, I have around 20 pins shared on Pinterest a day. I added more time slots by selecting Tailwind’s suggested times for my audience (the faded white and green spaces shown in the schedule), and the space turns green when selected. 

Tailwind Review

Manual times are also an option for your schedule.  If you have specific times that you want to have your pins published throughout the day, simply select “add time slot” and choose which time you prefer.  These manual schedule entries will appear gray on your schedule.

As you start to dive into your analytics, you can choose to alter your schedule; you can add time slots, remove some, and edit time slots as well.

Uploading Pins

There are many different ways to save a pin to Tailwind, here are two that I use most frequently:

    *Method 1, Manually upload an image: The first method to upload a pin is to click on the “publisher” menu item, located on the left side of your device, then click on the “drafts” dropdown item under “publisher”, then click on “create new pin” on the right upper hand part of your screen. 

Tailwind Review

    *Method 2, Share directly from your Pinterest page: hover over “schedule” Tailwind button, select it, than you decide 

Tailwind Review

* If you want to “schedule now” or “save for later”

Tailwind Review

*If you “schedule now”, which boards would you like to add, and decide which time interval you would like to establish.

Tailwind Review

*Which tribes would you like to share your pin with?

*Will you add it to a smart loop? (more on that later)

*If you “schedule later” know that you can make all of these decisions at a later time. 

View Your Scheduled Pins

    If you select any dropdown menu item under “publisher”, at the top of the screen, you will see how many pins are in your “drafts” waiting queue, and how many pins are scheduled.  As you can see, I currently have 22 pins in my “drafts” section, and 10 in my “scheduled” queue. Something to note, the pins that are in my “smartloop” and on my schedule, are not being counted towards my “scheduled” amount of pins (as I have many of those).

Tailwind Review

    The “drafts” menu item, under “publisher” will show you something similar to the photo below.  The reason for this is, I haven’t finished scheduling Monday, you can see that Tailwind is recommending some of my “draft” posts to fill in the open time slots.

    One of my favorite features of the “your schedule” section is how easy you can drag, and drop pins to different time slots!

    Under the “Scheduled Pins” menu item, you can view, edit boards you intend to share a pin onto. Next, view and edit the description of the pin, choose if you want to share the pin to facebook or twitter, and delete, “pin now”, or send the pin back to “drafts.”

Tailwind Review

Smart Loop, Save Time by Scheduling

Tailwind has an innovative feature called: Smart Loop.  By using Smart Loop, you can bundle groups of pins together, choose which groups of boards you want them circulated in, and continually roll them out, indefinitely.  

Tailwind Review

You could completely automate the circulation of old posts, and save HOURS of time! Tailwind will choose to share the pins at the best engagement times for your audience.

You can also set parameters for recirculating your pin to certain boards so that you aren’t spamming anyone.

Tailwind analytics also helps you to decide if the Smart Loop is doing well, and if it isn’t, you can easily make changes accordingly.

Tailwind Tribes

Tailwind tribes have made it significantly easier to proliferate my pins, and increase Pinterest traffic to my blog.  This is hands down, my favorite feature of Tailwind.

What is a Tailwind tribe?  According to Tailwind, Tribes allow you to “join like-minded people in your niche to share relevant content and grow your reach.”

What does this look like?  By submitting your content to a niche-specific group of people, and everyone having to abide by rules (usually share a pin for every pin you upload to the group), your pin is more likely to get picked up by an audience that is engaged with your topic.  If you compare this to sharing a pin on your Pinterest account, or to a large Pinterest group board, it’s hard to say how many people will actually see your pin.

Finding a Tribe

There are a plethora of different Tribes to choose from.  From finances, making money, to motherhood, and home decor.  There are also tribes with high engagement where you can pin about any topic.  If you find a niche that isn’t represented, you can always start your own tribe, and invite your favorite Tailwind tribemates to join your board!

To find a tribe, click on “Tribes” under the menu on the left-hand side of your screen, then click on “Find a tribe” on the top menu of your screen.  This is what you will see:

Tailwind Tribes

Next, you can do one of two things: You can browse through the categories listed on the bottom of the page, or you can simply enter the “niche” you are looking for.

When I entered “blogging” under the search terms, this is what comes up:

Tailwind Tribes

You are looking for a blog with high “activity” level.  The higher the level of activity, the more likely your pin will be reshared by a member of your tribe.  This is an example of a tribe with great “activity.”

Tailwind Review

Click “Join Now” next to the tribe, then you will either be automatically admitted into the tribe, or you will need to answer a few questions if it’s a private group.

Your Tailwind plan will determine how many tribes you can belong to.  I opted for the “unlimited” tribe plan. 

Inside a Tribe

Once you have been admitted to a tribe, it’s important that you read the “Tribe rules” straightaway.  They can be found inside the tribe, on the left hand of the page (sometimes you need to scroll down a bit).  This is an example:

Tailwind Review

This Tailwind tribe has a high engagement rate because the tribemates follow the ratio of pinning 2 images for every 1 that they leave in the tribe. 

Adding Content to a Tribe

    You can add content to a tribe 2 ways: With the “Pin Inspector” page under “Insights” on the left hand side of your menu, or by clicking on the “Add to Tribes” button, under any “draft” pin.  As you can see, under the “Pin Inspector” page, the “Add to Tribes” button is on the right hand side:

Tailwind Review

If you are adding content to a tribe from a “draft” (can be found under the “publisher” menu item on the left hand side of your screen), you will see the “Add to Tribes” button on the bottom, left, of the pin, as shown below:

Tailwind Review

Once you click on “Add to Tribes”, this is what you will see:

Tailwind Review

You can choose which tribes you will share your pin to.  As you can see on the picture above, there are red exclamation points on the right hand side of your screen, and it will tell you how many times you have posted a pin from that same url (universal resource locator) to your tribe, and the last time you shared it.  This is another tool to keep me compliant with the tribe.

Remember, in order to be the best tribemate, be compliant with the tribe rules, and try to share your tribemate’s pins first, before you leave yours.

Tailwind Profile Performance

In researching  this article, I found out that Tailwind started as an analytics platform, so it makes perfect sense that Tailwind provides awesome insights, reports, and performance tools.

Dashboard Overview

Tailwind Review

Your dashboard overview spans the last 7 days.  You will see how many repins received in the past week, including how many pins from your website have been repinned, and how many followers you have gained.  On the right hand side of this page, you can also see your most repinned boards.

Tailwind Review

Tribe Insights

    I LOVE this page.  This information further supports my enthusiasm for Tailwind.  Since joining Tailwind Tribes you can see that I have had 3,500 repins, and have reached 13.4 million people!!!!  This would not have been possible without Tailwind app. The data is also broken down further by individual tribes, and how your content is performing in each one. 

Tailwind Review

    Profile Performance

    I LOVE the profile performance page as well.  I’m a numbers, and charts kinda gal, so this is right up my alley.  As shown below, this page will give you a bar graph, and a chart to show your growth in the following areas: “followers, pins, repins, and comments.”  You can view these analytics in the following date ranges:

Tailwind Review

    *Last 7 days

    *Last 14 days

    *Last 30 days

    *This month

    *Last month

    *Custom range

Board Lists

    Board Lists are a convenient way to save your pins to multiple boards.  I write about different topics such as; finances, blogging, and recipes.  For example, I can create a board list that includes all the boards where my “financial” pins will be shared (I recommend sharing your pins to at least 2-3 boards).  With one click, you can schedule your pins to multiple boards using Board Lists.

Tailwind Review

Board Insights

    Board Insights give you a run-down of how well your Pinterest boards are performing.  The insights break down further to give you analytics about your pins, followers, repins, virality score, and engagement score for each Pinterest board.  You can also organize your analytics based on each of the categories just mentioned. For example: if I want to see which Pinterest board has the most repins, I can select “repins” to see which boards are performing the best.

Tailwind Review

    There is also a feature where you can “find similar content” for every board.  You can find pins to repin, or inspiration for future posts.

Pin Inspector

    The Pin inspector allows you to do many different things to analyze individual pins.

    At the top left hand side of the page, you can search for a specific pin to see how it’s doing. 

Tailwind Review

    Underneath the search bar, you can filter your pins according to category, board, and your website.

    You can also filter by date, located in the top right hand side of your screen.

    The pins can also be organized based on board, pin, repins, comments, and date pinned.

    The action column is very helpful because you have the convenient options to reschedule the pin, add to tribes, add to smartloop, or again, find similar content.

Website Insights

    Here you can view the data from the last 7 days, 14 days, 30 days, the last month, or a custom range.

    This allows visibility to daily average of pins, pinners, and potential impressions.  You will also view trending images (from your website) on the right hand side of the page. 

Organic Activity

    This is located through a menu item at the top of your website insights page, or on the left hand side of the screen, under insights.  You can view your latest pins, and have the option to repin the image or to comment on it. There is also a word cloud on the right hand side of the page that gives you words commonly found in your content.  This can be used as a tool for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) , and Pinterest optimization.  

Tailwind Review

Referral traffic

    You can also choose to connect your google analytics account, to better view your referral traffic to your website.

Tailwind Free Trial

According to an article by Tailwind: Tailwind’s free trial allows you to “schedule and publish up to 100 Pinterest Pins or 30 Instagram Posts before you need to decide if you want to pay for the Plus plan.”

If you are using Tailwind for Pinterest, you will also have an opportunity to check out Tribes.  The free trial allows you to join up to 5 tribes and share 30 pieces of content a month.

The free trial also comes with Pinterest (and Instagram if you use this feature), reports to give you an idea of how their analytics are beneficial.

Tailwind Strategy

Let’s talk strategy. You may be wondering……I’m a business owner with a physical product that I’m selling, how do I use Tailwind for my business?

First step: whether it’s a new blog post, or a new pillow that you are selling, make sure that you have created lots of eye-catching, beautiful images/pins for whatever product you are selling. I would shoot for a minimum of 3, with a range up to 6 (if you really want to go for it, by all means make more)!

Next step: Make sure that all of your images have excellent Pinterest descriptions. Best practices include making sure you have filled out:

*Pinterest Text (I use Tasty Pins). This is important because if someone comes across your blog/website and pins an image, the “Pinterest Text” will be what shows up in the text when it’s repinned.

*Alternative Text

*Title (very important that you include your target keyword in your title)


Third step: Upload your pin, and share one pin to all applicable tribes. I have discussed the importance of reading the rules of each tribe. If they expect you to repin two pins by your tribemates before you share yours, please be compliant. Finding the right tribes for your niche can be time consuming, If you would like to download a free list of my favorite tribes, click here.

Fourth step: Put yourself on a schedule to roll out all of your pins for your new blog post/pillow. For example: I will share my three new pins to Tailwind Tribes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday this week (or any other time variation except immediately posting one after another…..don’t do that as you will overwhelm your tribe mates, it’s probably against tribe rules, and you likely get a smaller engagement with your pins.

Lastly, max out your Smartloop so that you can have your pins shared automatically.

Tailwind Pricing

This Tailwind review wouldn’t be complete without discussing the cost. At first, I felt that Tailwind was a big expense that I was uncertain about.  After learning everything it had to offer, I realized that Tailwind provides great value for my time, my business, and a return on the money spent on the app.  There are various plans available, depending on your needs.  

Tailwind Pricing

Which Plan is best for me?

More than likely, you will have everything you need to start if you go with the “bloggers and small businesses” account.  According to Tailwind, included with this account is the following:

  1. Smart Scheduling
  2. Measure Post Success
  3. Unlimited Scheduling* see below
  4. Basic Profile and Board Metrics
  5. Basic Website Insights
  6. 30-day History Archive
  7. Multi-Account Capability
  8. 1 Account Included
  9. 5 Tailwind Tribes Membership
  10. 30 Monthly Tribe Submissions
  11. 250 Active SmartLoop Posts

*Important!!!  If you decide to purchase this plan annually vs. monthly, here is the biggest difference:  when you pay annually, you will save 33% AND you will be able to schedule unlimited pins. If you decide to pay monthly, you will pay 33% more over the course of the year, AND you will only be able to schedule a maximum of 400 pins a month. Something else worth noting is that Pinterest and Instagram are separate paid subscriptions. I use Tailwind for both, and have seen growth in both Pinterest, and Instagram.

This plan  provides you with a great place to start.  What I realized a few months into Tailwind, was that I wanted the option to belong to more than 5 Tribes.  I chose to “Power Up” , and paid $119.88 per year (in addition to the annual fee) to belong to unlimited tribes, and I can submit 200 pieces of content to tribes a month, this translates to more visibility and opportunity for my content to get proliferated. 

Tailwind Pricing

What I’m realizing is that in the next few months, I’m going to “Power Up” again.  Now that I’m creating more content, my next “Power Up” will be for the “Tribes Elite” package.  This plan will allow me to have unlimited tribe memberships, AND I will be able to submit 400 pieces of content to tribes a month. By powering up you can also increase your Smartloop limits, automating more of your pins!

Tailwind Review Conclusion & Sign Up

If you want to be efficient with your time, and resources, then Tailwind is for you.  I can’t imagine how much time it would have taken me to increase my Pinterest traffic by 1651% without Tailwind. I would definitely make this purchase a priority in your business plan in order to grow, and thrive. 

I hope you enjoyed this Tailwind Review. Please let me know if you have any questions!  

Thank you for stopping by!


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