Mountain Modern Motel: Jackson, WY Review

Mountain Modern Motel Review

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Mountain Modern Motel Review, Jackson, Wyoming

Mountain Modern Motel Review

After doing extensive research for places to stay in Jackson Wy, I knew that Mountain Modern Motel was the best choice for my family for many reasons: location, amenities, design/aesthetics, and price.

I planned a 13-day road trip with my husband and two kids, and wanted to visit Jackson after visiting Yellowstone the day before. 

The two main things that drew me to MMM was the price, and the aesthetic of the motel!  Their website showed beautiful, minimal designed rooms that is indicative of Jackson’s surroundings/scenery!  I loved their color palette: black, white, and red, so warm and inviting. 

Once I decided that Mountain Modern Motel was the place to spend one night in Jackson, I reached out to MMM to see if they would collaborate with me, and they graciously agreed! I found the motel and town quite charming. I will definitely reserve additional days at MMM next time because one night was just too short a time to explore the beautiful town of Jackson.

Mountain Modern Motel Location in Jackson WY

First, proximity is key!  When I choose Mountain Modern Motel, I factored in the location, and walkability because with a 4, and a 5-year-old, it’s nice to be able to walk to our destinations without having to drive and get them in and out of their carseats. 

MMM is two blocks from the town square, and we were able to walk to dinner, breakfast, and everywhere we needed to go because of it’s convenient location.  There was even a movie theater we discovered on our walk!

Price of Mountain Modern Motel

Mountain Modern Motel, Jackson WY

If you follow my blog, you know that price matters to me.  I liked that this Motel has a very competitive price for the location.  What I learned in my research on places to stay in Jackson, is that most places in Jackson are relatively more expensive in the summer because this is when they have their highest census.  Modern Mountain Motel was one of the most affordable places I found.

I interviewed Spencer Long, sales manager of Mountain Modern Motel, and this is what he said about the prices “Rates change quite a bit between seasons.  During the months of June – September we average a nightly rate of approximately $250 a night. October and November we’ll drop as low as $99 a night, and then back up to approx. $150 a night in the winter months.”

To book a spot, check out their availability here.

Busy Seasons

According to Spencer “Summer is our busiest time of the year, as we are the gateway to two National Parks right out our back door.  To give you an example of the contrast between summer and winter: Jackson Hole Mountain Resort does approx. 650k skier visits in the winter.  Most people that live here ski anywhere from 20 to 50 days a year, so those 650k are not unique visitors. Let’s say we do 450k unique visitors in the winter, but we do 5 MILLION unique visitors in the summer!” 

Wow! That’s alot of unique visitors in the summer!

Food and Coffee at Mountain Modern Motel

Mountain Modern Mote, Jackson WY

At the Motel Cafe, breakfast, snacks, and coffee are available for purchase.  I was very tempted to buy a coffee there, but I remembered that my husband had bought me a store-bought Starbucks that I kept in the mini-fridge in our room.

Something to note about their cafe and lobby: it’s gorgeous!!!!! Whoever designed this motel did a fabulous job! The wood, black, white, grey, and red palette is beautiful, and I appreciated how the decor in the cafe and lobby included maps of yellowstone, carabiners, hats, and backpacks!

Breakfast Vouchers

I asked Spencer about breakfast vouchers: “We have a bed and breakfast package in the summer months that guests can purchase, and we provide vouchers upon check in.  During the summer months guests must either purchase the bed and breakfast package or pay for breakfast while they’re here. In the winter months, we include breakfast in the rate.  We also provide a free skier/snowboarder shuttle to and from Teton Village and Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.”

Local Restaurants in Walking Distance

Mountain Modern Motel Review

I LOVE food!  Part of the fun of traveling to a new city for me, is trying some of their local restaurants, dishes, and/or snacks! 

Snake River Brewing

I asked the gals at the front desk where to go for dinner, and they recommended  Snake River Brewing, and it did not disappoint. Snake River Brewing has excellent portion sizes….I think I ordered myself a tad too much 😉  I ordered the California pizza and Cesar salad, and my husband ordered the Bison Burger……they were both really delicious!!!


For breakfast the following morning, we walked to D.O.G., and ordered some delicious breakfast burritos! They were $10 each, but everyone loved them!

Persephone Bakery

The next time we go back, I’m going to make an effort to go to Persephone bakery for breakfast.  MMM kindly gave me a back of chocolate chip cookies from Persephone, and it was gone in 2 days (and I didn’t even share).  They were the best chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever had! 

Cultivate Cafe

When we left Jackson we stopped by Cultivate Cafe to buy some smoothies for the kids, juice for myself, and an Acai bowl for my husband.  I found Cultivate Cafe on Yelp, when I was looking up smoothies; it’s an all organic restaurant! The location was so charming, it was inside an old playhouse/saloon! We loved this place!   

Nearest Grocery Store

In the event that you are like us, and need to run to the store in Jackson, do not fret, there is an Albertsons!  We needed to get some medicine for our son who was getting sick, so my husband rode his bike to Albertsons and picked up some cough medicine for our little guy! 

Design and Aesthetic of Mountain Modern Motel

Mountain Modern Motel, Jackson WY

I’ve mentioned this a few times already, but I was very drawn to Mountain Modern Motel by their website, and the beautiful pictures of their rooms that have different themes!

I also appreciate the minimal style of Mountain Modern Motel,  from the subway tiles in the bathroom, to the wash area sconces, and the pops of color, MMM’s decor was well thought out. 

Customer Service and Front Desk at Mountain Modern Motel

I called down to the front desk the morning we were leaving because my Keurig wasn’t working (or so I thought….I think it was a user error), and they very politely said they would replace it, and they did very promptly!  The ladies at the front desk were also very friendly and helpful when I was asking for recommendations on where to eat.

Mountain Modern Motel Kitchenette

Mountain Modern Motel, Jackson WY

The kitchenette had coffee mugs, a Keurig machine with coffee pods, a microwave, a mini-fridge, an ice bucket, cups for water (or wine, whichever beverage you fancy), and towels!

Mountain Modern Motel, Jackson WY

They have a stainless steel countertop in their kitchenette which looks great, and is very functional!  I was so happy they had a mini fridge in the room to host my leftovers, and a microwave to heat it up the following day when I got hungry. 

Parking at Mountain Modern Motel

First off…..parking is free!!!! We were happy to have our car parked close to our room the entire duration of our stay.  We were kindly advised by the ladies at the front desk that if we moved our car at night, there would be a chance that we would lose our parking spot because of the high census during the summer.  The front desk ladies also advised that should we lose our parking spot, there is usually lots of street parking available, adjacent to the hotel. 

Room Workstations, Wi-Fi, TV and Charging Stations

Mountain Modern Motel, Jackson WY

Their workstation in the entry of the room is stylish and very functional! They had a high desk with a wood countertop, tall red stools, an electrical outlet on the wall underneath the desk, and a really cute crossword puzzle art on the wall!

I used this station to work on a couple of blog items, and it was awesome!  Their wi-fi is free and easy to sign-in. They had a TV with a good variety of channels, this served us well while my husband was out for a bike ride, and my son was dealing with his virus that morning; my kids were able to watch cartoons for a bit.  There were also usb plug-ins in between the beds in our room, perfect for my phone and my husband’s phone!

Bathroom, and Toiletry Sets

Mountain Modern Motel, Jackson WY

The bathroom was clean, minimal, and classic.  Our bathroom had subway tile, a bathtub and shower (it was so nice to have a tub to bathe the kids in), and a really cute black and white cross shower curtain.

I enjoyed a nice, steamy shower at the end of the day!  My husband’s shower the next morning had a little water temperature variance, but was otherwise nice and hot also!

I LOVED their brand of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash (there was a cilantro conditioner, and a peppermint shampoo that smelled amazing)! According to Spencer: “the company is Malin+Goetz, and we get a lot of compliments on their products.  You can check out their website, and get more info here:  ”

Gear Station

Mountain Modern Motel, Jackson WY

The had a really cute “GEAR” sign painted on the wall with places to hang your gear!  I hung up my toiletry kit, my fanny pack (I love fanny packs so much!), and my hat! My husband hung up his camelback, and his helmet!

Next to the gear station is lots of space to hang your clothes! It is a very thoughtful consideration to have so much space for clothing!

Underneath the gear station is space to park your shoes!

Luggage Storage

Mountain Modern Motel, Jackson WY

There is a long bench underneath the TV that was great for storing our luggage!  It was awesome to be able to place each piece of luggage side by side, this made accessing our bags so easy!

Room comfort: Black-out curtains, Beds, Noise Level

Mountain Modern Motel, Jackson WY

We had been traveling for 11 days when we arrived in Jackson, and let me tell you….this was one of the best night’s sleep I had the entire time!  The bed was incredibly comfy and cozy. They had black-out curtains which completely shut out the light outside in the morning. My family sleeps with white noise in our room, so I couldn’t hear anything outside.  During the day, with the white noise off, it was pretty quiet for the motel being so full! 

Check-in and Check-out options

Mountain Modern Motel, Jackson WY

We arrived at around 430 to Mountain Modern Motel after a long day at Yellowstone.  We were able to check in right away. We left the following morning by 11, because we had an 8 hour drive ahead of us to our next stop of St. George, Utah.

Regarding early check-in, and late check-out options, Long stated that they try to accomodate when availability allows.  “However, during the summer we’re selling all 135 rooms every night, so it does take time to clean every room. We guarantee check in by 4pm, and check out is 11am.  We accommodate requests for early or late check in/check out when we can.”

Indoor Swimming Pool & Hot Tub

Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to go into the swimming pool at MMM.  My kids would have loved to! It’s a good-sized swimming pool, and there is a hot tub as well! If we had more time, I know my husband would have looooooooooooved to enjoy the hot tub after his early morning mountain bike ride!  Next time!

Best Time of Year for the Best Weather in Jackson, Wy

Mountain Modern MOtel Review

I inquired about this with Long, because I have intentions of returning to visit Jackson for a longer period of time. 

Long stated “it really depends on what activity you’re after!  I love skiing, and this is one of the snowiest places on earth!  We average over 400″ of annual snowfall, and it’s the lightest, fluffiest, driest powder anywhere!  The shoulder seasons are a great time to visit, because it’s a little quieter here and you feel like you have the whole valley to yourself.  Fall Foliage is pretty incredible in Jackson Hole, with lots of golds and oranges painted in the deciduous trees. Spring is also a great time to be here to witness all the spring babies in elk, deer, fox, moose, bison, coyote, etc…   Our warmest months are July and August, where we’ll see temps in the high 80s. There’s a chance for snow in every month in Jackson, so it is always a good idea to bring a jacket!”

Mountain Modern Motel Review Conclusion

I would most definitely visit this place again in a heartbeat!  If you are into outdoor adventures, Mountain Modern Motel in Jackson, WY is the best place for you to stay!  They also have a bike and gear repair station!

Not only was the staff so accommodating and friendly, but the charm, decor, price, and location of Mountain Modern Motel can’t be beat.  What I would change next time, is that instead of only staying one night, I will definitely be spending at least 3 nights in Jackson to take in all that the city has to offer! I hope you enjoyed my Mountain Modern Motel Review, if you are interested in staying here, check out their availability here.

Thanks for stopping by! If you are ever traveling to the Polar Express in Arizona, or Kauai, check out my travel guides!

Mountain Modern, Motel, Jackson WY

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